Our Story

JobMuncher was started by John de la Rosa after reading an article about Markus Frind the creator of Plenty of Fish.  Markus essentially built a site that he wanted to use and thought others would use also.  Following this model proved to be very successful.


With this in mind, John felt it was time to create a site about something he knew a lot about, which was the world of job requisitions.  He held several positions over his career and the hiring process between companies were very similar, but all lacked a consistent cohesion between employers and candidates.  JobMuncher was created to take the unclear and make it clear.  All the designs of JobMuncher focus on what is necessary during the hiring process with the goal of removing unneeded complexity.


Most importantly, JobMuncher had to fill a need that people have.  We believe this was clearly achieved with all the features and candidate/employer interaction that went into making the site. Essentially personalized job listings made easy.