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  1. What is JobMuncher?
    It is an online jobs listing service aimed to empower small business owners, non-profit organizations, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and anybody looking for a simple no hassle way to list jobs and manage applicants.  JobMuncher takes the complication of maintaining job posts by giving users a simple to understand interface and the tools needed to manage the hiring process.
  2. How does JobMuncher enhance my website?
    Most job seekers will look at a company's website first before applying for a job.  This is where you get to make a first impression and can potentially hire a great employee.  JobMuncher gives your website immediate value by giving it the ability to do direct hires.  Also, JobMuncher allows job seekers to easily get job application forms and other information online without the need to walk into your physical location.
  3. Is JobMuncher the same as Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, etc?
    No it is not.  Those sites focus on having each job seeker see many opportunities across many companies. Essentially, each employer is competing with other employers for the best candidates.  JobMuncher uses a different model that is solely focused on job searchers that visit your company website.  For these candidates, JobMuncher will provide the jobs listing service for your company and the candidate tools to manage the hiring process.
  4. What kind of businesses might use JobMuncher?
    JobMuncher was created to help out small and medium sized business owners no matter what kind of business they do.  For example businesses like restaurants, boutiques, consulting companies, recruiters, schools, local government agencies, furniture stores, hair salons, manufacturing, construction, and many others.  JobMuncher is here to help you grow.
  5. How do I know if my company can use JobMuncher?
    If your tracking system for candidates and resumes is primarily e-mail driven then you need JobMuncher.  If you are tracking your jobs and candidates using spreadsheets, stickies, and random documents then you need JobMuncher.  JobMuncher gives you one place to track and control all your jobs, candidates, and statuses.
  6. Is JobMuncher expensive?
    It is affordably priced for small business owners.  The Basic package costs $19.95 per month and offers a lot of features when compared to competing products.  More costly products will charge setup costs, per user fees, annual dues, and other costs that can run your company a minimum of $7500 per year.
  7. How do I integrate JobMuncher into my site?
    It's simple! We provide you two options depending on your situation, needs, and capability.

    The first option is the quickest way to get started if you do not have an existing job page.  JobMuncher will provide you a jobs listing page to showcase all your open positions.  From one of your other web pages you will have a link to show jobs.  You will just have to add the following HTML to link to your job postings on JobMuncher. 
    <a href=http://www.jobmuncher.com/yourcompany>Jobs</a>

    The second option gives you the flexibility to embed our jobs listings within one of your own web pages.  You will have to add additional HTML code that we will provide.  This option allows you to create a more tightly integrated jobs listing page and allows you to control the entire look and feel.

    Both options are available to paid subscriptions so you can pick what works for you.  Either way, you will receive the full benefits of JobMuncher.
  8. Does JobMuncher allow look and feel customization?
    Yes it does.  If you decide to use our jobs listing page, we will allow you to change the site colors, banner image, banner link, and banner text.  When you enroll your company into one of our paid subscriptions we will let you define a unique company URL.  Also, for every job created you can customize a unique job URL.
  9. How does JobMuncher manage the hiring process?
    Workflow management was created to allow the employer to track multiple jobs and multiple candidates.  Candidates would create JobMuncher accounts to receive automated email/inbox notifications when changes to their application status occur plus they can visually monitor their progress online.  We strove to make this process as simple and fluid as possible.

    If desired, employers can choose to turn-off the candidate workflow management.  Candidates would then submit their information online without requiring them to create an account.  At that point, the employer would receive incoming candidate information and would manage the candidate internally using JobMuncher.  However, the employer will have to contact candidates outside of JobMuncher's built-in notification service.
  10. How does JobMuncher manage candidates?
    JobMuncher provides a candidate repository to allow employers to view all active/inactive candidates, resumes/applications, ratings, and notes.  You can search for candidates by keywords, tags, job categories, and other useful ways.
  11. Is JobMuncher free?
    We offer a free option, but it is limited in features.  We also offer 30-day free trials with paid subscriptions.  Either way, we really want you to see how easy it is to use JobMuncher before you decide to purchase.
  12. Do you backup the data?
    Yes, we back up job and candidate data stored on JobMuncher daily.  In the event we have to recover the information we will use one of our backups.
  13. Do I pay monthly?
    Yes, we offer monthly subscription plans that are free for the first 30 days from the time you sign up.  You are free to cancel at any time.  Once you cancel, you will not be billed on your next payment cycle.  Payment cycles that were already paid will not be refunded.
  14. What internet browsers does JobMuncher support?
    JobMuncher was created to take advantage of HTML5 standards and all the browsers that support it.  The site will work with browsers that do not support HTML5. We recommend using FireFox, Chrome, or Safari to view JobMuncher.
  15. Does JobMuncher work on the iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices?
    Yes! The site was tested extensively on the iPhone and iPad.  JobMuncher was designed to utilize the browsers on those devices and the HTML5 standards supported.  The site will work on other browsers used by mobile smart devices as well.
  16. Are you continuing to add features?
    Absolutely yes!  We are currently developing new features to help you improve the way you hire.  Also, you can easily send us Feedback for site enhancements after you log into your account.  We take every comment seriously.
  17. What doesn't JobMuncher do?
    JobMuncher is not full HR suite to manage employees once they have been hired.  JobMuncher focuses on the hiring process of bringing candidates to your company through an online presence.  Will JobMuncher ever plan to support more than just hiring in the future?  It's quite possible :)