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Job Hosting
Employers have multiple ways to present jobs using JobMuncher.  This can be done by linking to the dedicated jobs page, by embedding the job widget into an existing web page, or by using the HTML (that we provide) for each job on external job portals (ie. Craigslist, etc).  Using our employer job pages or widgets gives you the ability to do direct hires from your company site.  By using our HTML on external job sites, you can centralize multiple job portals into JobMuncher for all your candidate management. See our demo page for examples.
Employer And Candidate Dashboards
Easy to understand dashboard provides employers and candidates a bird's eye view of the latest updates and statuses. From here employers can track candidates, manage jobs, view messages, and other features. Candidates' dashboard allows them to view their resumes/forms, track their application statuses, and view & respond to messages from employers. See screen shots.
Visual Workflow
From a single page, employers can track every job, every candidate, and update the statuses of both easily. Candidates can easily see all the positions they have applied to and the status of their application in the employer process.  See screen shots.
Manage Job Posts
Employers can easily manage all the jobs for their company. All jobs have a unique web address that you can customize for easy sharing. Jobs can have attachments, associated screening questions, e-mail referrals, and social integration (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn). See screen shots.
Online Documents
Resumes and forms are uploaded by the candidate and can be easily sent to prospective employers. Employers can upload files for candidates to review and fill out. Also, employers can easily view resumes and documents online. See screen shot.
Receive Notifications
Automated alerts are sent out to the employer and candidate inboxes. These alerts are generated whenever the job workflow is started and when the status of the applicant is changed.
Inbox Messages
Candidates and employers can view all messages that were generated by the workflow updates. Members can also reply to all messages or forward them. See screen shots.
Built-in Calendar
Calendar support to schedule interviews, employee start dates, candidate review meetings, and the ability to define your own custom events. Calendar events can be exported into Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal.
News Updates
Receive the latest news on site enhancements, deals, and general topic discussions.