What is JobMuncher?

Job listings made easy.  JobMuncher gives employers an affordable, viable, and powerful tool to manage company job listings and incoming applicants.  It gives an immediate return-on-investment (ROI) by giving employers a way to do direct hires from their company website.  Applicants get the benefit of seeing a company's jobs professionally listed with the ability to apply online.  While employers get the benefit of easily creating jobs and the ability to manage candidates online.


We believe the hiring process between employers and candidates shouldn't be complicated. The employer lists a need, a candidate tries to fill the need, then both parties review to see if the candidate/job is right for them. JobMuncher takes those basic principals and streamlines the process by providing easy to follow navigation, intuitive design, and useful features.


At its core, JobMuncher takes the complexity and trouble of developing your own job management software by giving you a solution that you can use right out-of-the-box. However most importantly, JobMuncher allows you to focus your valuable time on what counts, which is finding quality employees.